About MAK


MAK is not a long-standing company. It is not a greedy market shark. It was set up with the desire to create a friendly workplace for employees and partnership relations with collaborating companies.
We succeeded!
We treat our trading partners as friends and do our best to identify and meet the needs of our customers. We solve problems with a high degree of flexibility and empathy.

The company has been operating since July 2017. It employs around 10 employees. We manufacture furniture cushions for furniture factories, but we are also a manufacturer of the sensory cradle-swings for children MEMOLA or the “crawling” mattresses and profiled cushions for HILDING ANDERS POLAND. We are open to cooperation on new projects where our knowledge and experience in sewing, bespoke pattern cutting and manufacturing of cushions can be further exploited.


A good team is very important for us. We care for a positive working atmosphere, we want everyone to feel comfortable and execute their tasks with a smile. It is a friendly team of co-workers, happy to meet after work, go to the movies together or organise a barbecue.
No one is less or more important – we all work towards a common goal, with mutual respect and kindness, all fully engaged and committed. This is a true team! A team that works for the benefit of our contractors and our company.


We are also picking up other challenges. We are a manufacturer of MEMOLA children cradle-swings and we produce profiled pillowsfor HILDING ANDERS. We are fully committed in all our projects, paying great attention to detail.