MAK – manufacturer of furniture furnishing

Thecompany’s main activity is the manufacturing of textile fillings for the furniture industry. Despite its relatively short presence on the market, the company already has extensive experience in manufacturing of cushions, seats, puffs and other ‘soft’ components used in the manufacture and finishing of furniture.


The main profile of our activity is the production of furniture cushions/covers. In our portfolio there are several hundreds different cushion models filled with polyester and polyurethane filling, feathers, and various blends of these components. The filling comes exclusively from verified producers.
Part of our production is carried out in a non-combustible version, mainly intended for the UK market.

We produce


Cradle-swing stimulating the development of your child from the first moments


Furniture furnishing are mostly seats, backrests, cushions


Therapeutic cushions and pillows perfectly fitting the body

We are open to cooperation with furniture manufacturers!